Modulator and more – The QLFO is a voltage-controlled quadrature oscillator. The module produces four sine waves, each with a 90 degree phase shift. Thanks to a wide frequency range and a 1V/octave input, the circuit can not only be used for modulations, but also as an audio generator. Very useful, especially for FM experiments!



The QLFO has four signal outputs, which emit sine, cosine and inverted versions of the just-mentioned waves. The frequency is determined via a rate potentiometer. Additionally, there is a switch for choosing between three tempo ranges (slow, mid, fast). A CV input with bipolar attenuator allows users to modulate the QLFOs frequency. Furthermore, a 1V / octave input was implemented for playing the circuit chromatically.


CV input
1v / octave input
Four signal outputs: Sin (0°), Cosin (90°), Inv/Sin (180°), Inv/Cosin (270°)


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 22 mm in depth
Power consumption: 12-28 mA at +12 V and 12-28 mA at -12 V, depending on the LFO rate

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