ACL - VC Panning Amplifier


Two channel audio amplifier with stereo capabilities – The VC Panning Amplifier offers two signal paths, each comes equipped with a level attenuator at the input, an exponential gain stage and a level CV input. Results can be shifted within the stereo field. – Either manually or via another control voltage port. A third gain stage allows users to adjust the level of both channels together. Alternatively to stereo operation, it is also possible to employ the amplifier as a dual mono processor.  VC Panning Amplifier’s built-quality and sound are excellent. It delivers full-blooded, clearly analog results with minimal crosstalk and noise.



Each of the VC Panning Amplifier’s channel strips is composed of an audio input, a level attenuator and a gain stage with exponential characteristic. The latter can be utilized to either amplify or dampen incoming audio material. Besides adjusting the gain stage manually via its potentiometer, it is also possible to influence the circuit via a CV input plus bipolar attenuator. Overload LEDs point out distortion.
The channel strips are followed by a panorama section, which allows users to shift both of them in the stereo field via another knob and / or CV input. Afterwards, a third gain stage was placed in the signal path. This circuit influences both channels together. For tapping off audio material, the module features separate connectors for left and right channel. Thanks to them, the VC Panning Amplifier is not only usable as a stereo processor, but also suitable for dual mono operation. Audio and level CV inputs are normalized.


Two level CV inputs, one panorama CV input
Two audio inputs and audio outputs


3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, 22 mm in depth
Power consumption: 46 mA at +12 V and 42 mA at -12 V

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