ADDAC 101 - WAV player


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Sample player module that plays up to 72 samples (WAV file, 22kHz, 16Bit, mono) from a SD card! You can control following parameters manually or via CV: Loop size, file position, sample rate and optionally the amplitude due to the integrated VCA. An envelope follower is there as well. Different sounds can be accessed by skipping or randomizing playback files, which can also be accomplished both manually or through a CV input.



Following parameters can be controlled manually or via CV and have a status LED:

  • Loop size: dynamical control of the size of the loop by shortening the total duration of the sample
  • File position: controls the strt point of the playback, also allows for scrolling through the file duration
  • sample rate: changes the sample rate resolution from 100Hz to 22kHz
  • amplitude: controlled by an analog VCA

There is also a pre-VCA output with manual volume control and an envelope follower with LED monitor, adjustble level and decay time.

File access section: Accessing the different files can happen manually by a trigger button or with a gate signal. The skip-loop swith determines if the module is in file access or retrigger (loop) mode. You can select between Loop/One shot and Forward/Random playback modes. The rate/off switch can turn off sample rate reduction.


It is very important to name the WAV files properly and in a special order before you can use them. The SD card has to be formatted in FAT16 format.
Please check for details at the manufacturer´s product page (chapter "SD card"). Click here.


post output, gate input, envelope follower CV output
CV inputs: loop size, file position, sample rate, VCA


3U Eurorack module, 11HP wide, 55mm deep
Current draw 150mA

1 kg
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