ADDAC 102 VC FM Radio


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Stereo FM radio receiver in Eurorack module format. The parameters frequency and volume can be voltage controlled. Seek and search can be activated with gate and trigger voltages, same for the mute function.


Tune: upper control sets the frequency from 86 to 106Mhz. In jumper setting "ex96" the CV searches only between 96-106Mhz. The CV can be positive (0-10V) or bipolar (-10V to 10V).

Volume: Can be set manually or with a CV. In central position of the volume control the rest of the level is controlled only by CV. The CV can be either positive or bipolar, see above.

Mute can be activated by pressing a button or by a gate voltage.

Seek: Pressing the Seek button the radio will skip to the next/prevoius "good" radio station. "State" selects if the seeking is done upwards or downwards. State and Seek can be activated als by Trigger/gate voltages. A LED shows state setting (on=up, off=down)

Search: The frequency advances or regresses, depending on the state funcion, as long as you press the button or as long as the gate lasts. A LED shows state setting (on=up, off=down)

CV inputs: ±10V Gate in (threshold: 2.5V)


Tune CV, Volume CV
Seek: Trigger input and state input
Search: Trigger input and state input
Mute: Trigger input
Audio outputs: L & R


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 60mm deep
Current draw max. 100mA

1 kg
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