ADDAC 207 - Intuitive Quantizer


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Four-channel quantizer module with intuitive operation, a keyboard mode, transposing, variable gate length, user definable scales and definable notes intervals for generating chords. Microtonal options allow for more than 12 notes per octave. Settings and 11 presets can be saved in the non-volatile memory.



The AC207 Quantizer offers four quantizer channels that can be programmed individually, be it in a different interval or a different fine tuning.

Menu settings::

  • Root note selection. sharp, flat, minor and major options for scales
  • Interval (+1 to +12 semitones, per channel)
  • quantizer type: either quantizing to the closest nore above, the closes note below or ignoring notes not fitting to the scale..
  • gate length
  • trigger repeat when playing and quantizing the same input voltage a number of times
  • offset between input and output (in octaves)
  • Tuning:
    • scale temperament: pure, equal, bohlen-pierce, just, exotic
    • 1V/octave (Moog) or 1.2V/octave (Buchla)
    • fine tuning in 0.001mV steps for adapting to decalibrted VCOs or for microtonal tuning(!)
  • Scales: ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian

The module has two main operation modes: keyboard and quantizer. In keyboard mode you can use the 12 small keys as a miniature keyboard. The active note will be held at the output unitl a new key has been pressed. Are channels 1-4 tuned in intervals then chords can be played.

The quantizer mode is used for quantizing incoming voltages to pre-set scales and tunings


One global transpose input.
Per quantizer there´s a signal input, signal output, trigger input and a gate output.


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 60mm deep
Current draw max. 150mA

0.182 kg
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