ADDAC 501 Complex random


The ADDAC501 does random CV generation and outputs it through three independent channels. You can control the desired range of voltages and time frequency at which new values are generated.

It can also be triggered by an external CV source and the output voltages can be either free or quantized. Finally you can choose between pure randomness or a brownian distribution, for both the voltage and time intervals.



The 501 Complex Random has four controllable parametes you can also voltage control; maximal voltage, minimal voltage, maximal time intervall and minimal time interval. The CV input for minimal time can be used as an external clock input.

The quantisation of random values can be activated with a switch. Two more switches determine if the time intervals and voltages are generated by a normal random algorithm or wth brownian distribution.


The 501B expansion module brings additional random gate outputs and a lag processor affecting the random voltages.


CV inputs for minimal and maximal voltage, minimal and maximal time intervall (or clock input)
3 voltage outputs


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 50mm deep
Current draw maximum 150mA

1 kg
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