ADDAC 603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter


The ADDAC module 603 is a fully voltage controllable triple bandpass filter based on the modern version of SSM2164 from CoolAudio for pristine sound quality. The three filters are normalised allowing to be used either for the same input source or to process three independent sources. Each filter features a switchable slope of -6dB or -12dB, a phase inverter and high input gain to create soft to hard distortions. Additionally each filter output has a VCA to allow volume modulations and a feedback knob so that each filter could self-oscillate.



  • Three independent bandpass filters each with: 
  • Input gain up to x3 or x100 via a switch
  • Voltage controlled frequency with attenuverter
  • Voltage controlled bandwidth  with attenuverter
  • -6 or -12db (1 or 2 poles) switch
  • Resonance
  • Individual output  with voltage controlled amplifier with attenuverter
  • Phase output switch
Per filter: Audio input, Frequency CV input, Bandwidth CV input, Output VCA CV input, Audio output
Dry CV input
Mix output, Dry+Mix output
3U Eurorack module, 22 HP wide, 35mm in depth
Power consumption: 250 mA at +12 V and 250 mA at -12 V
0.2 kg
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