ADDAC 701 VC Oscillator


ADDAC´s 701 VCO is a fully analog, stable, voltage controlled oscillator with a very wide frequency range.



There are two frequency ranges: SubAudio mode from 0.01Hz-400Hz, Audio mode from 1Hz-40kHz.

Waveforms: square with two CV inputs and a control for pulse width, sawtooth, triangle and sine. In addition there´s an auxillary waveform (selectable between sine, triangle, two saws and two squares) at a positive and an inverted output. The aux outputs may be very nice in LFO mode for creating opposite modulations.

Setting scaling and oscillator frequency is done with a octave rotary control, a fine tune control ( 12 to -12 semitones) and a switch for transposing ( 12 semitones or 6 octaves). The VCO´s characteristic can be changed from 1V/octave to 1V/semitone, making microtuning possible. A switch activates microtuning directly for the second frequency CV input. Also there is a linear FM input with soft/hard switch for different timbres.

Oscillator synchroniscation is switchable between soft and hard. Temperature compensation guarantees a stable tuning.


Waveform outputs: pulse, sawtooth, triangle, sine, positive Aux output, inverted Aux output.

2 CV inputs for frequency, the 2nd with microtuning switch. 2 PWM CV inputs. One linear FM input. Sync input.


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 55mm deep
Current draw max. 100mA

1 kg
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