ADDAC 702 Dual VC Filter


The 702, being inspired by the MS-20's filter section, is a variable filter consisting of a low pass and a high pass. The filters can be routed parallel or in series, used individually or in a coupled mode and even be mixed.
Besides this the voltage controllable resonance features three clipping modes. The filters' phases can be adjusted and also the reaction behaviour of the CV inputs can be selected between direct or vactrol-like. As we can see it's a truly flexible filter which can sound nice and smooth but also has an aggressive side i.e. showing some sick and wild behaviour.



high pass filter: HP+LP input, HP output, 2x cutoff CV in, resonance CV in
low pass filter: LP input, LP out, 2x cutoff CV in, resonance CV in
Mix CV in, Mix out, NP|BP out BP|NP out


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide

0.2 kg
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