ADDAC 703 Discrete Mixer


Discrete analog four-channel mixer that is inspired by Moog's CP3. Behind an apparently standard mixer hides a dark gnarly soul! Due to some fine adjustments options directly at the front panel you can idividually set the gain per channel and set gain and bias for the master out which, in combination with feedback can color the color extremely, distort it, gate it and chop it up.



Each channel has a small GAIN trim potentiometer for adjusting attenuation or amplification (max. x100). Amplifying the signal above unity gain will color the sound due to soft clipping. Each channel can be set to the according input signal.
The ivory colored potentiometer controls attenuation/amplification from zero to the value set with the trimmer.

Feedback/gate sends output signal back to the input and adds dramatic effects to the audio, from soft over hard distortion up to more and more staccato-like gating. The result is dependent on the channel level controls and of the timbre of the four channels. Also in this section a GAIN trim potentiometer can be found.

The master's output level is set with a potentiometer and adjusted with the trim pot. The BIAS trimmer adds an offset to the mix and changes the symmetry which causes further coloring.

The both outputs + and - have different sound.


4 inputs, posiitve output, negative output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: max. 60mA

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