ADDAC 802 VCA Quintet Mixing Console


Voltage controlled five-channel mixer with two independents mixing paths and solo function per channel. The mix output has a sixth VCA with pre and post outputs. Additional, non-controllable input for cascading. Each channel has a direct output and can be unsed as an independent VCA. All 5 VCA's can be used separately for different sources (audio or cv) or mix in 2 different chains.



Each of the five channels has a VCA with gain control, a monitor LED and an individual output. The channel's characteristic can be changed between logarithmic and linear with a switch. The Solo/Off/Mix switch routes the signal to the solo channel or the mix channel. In off position the VCA is not going to the outputs. The solo path can be used for pre-listening purposes, e.g. in combination with headphones.
The Mixdown channel has a sixth VCA controlling the master volume of the mix. The mixdown channel has outputs pre and post VCA. An exernal signal input without level control can be used for daisy chainging another mixer or for a sixth audio signal.


external input, master-VCA CV input, Solos output (PFL), mixdown outputs (each one pre and post VCA).
Per channel there's a signal input, a signal output and a CV input.


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 50mm deep
Current draw 150mA

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