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Reinvention of a classic – The DH-ADSR is based on the envelope design of Moog’s Minimoog synthesizer. However, in terms of functionality, AJH’s module exceeds the vintage instrument’s circuits by far. The modulator offers a complete ADSR characteristic with addable Delay section and Hold stage. Two control ranges for all time-sensitive parameters allow detailed editing of short, percussive sounds as well as slowly evolving atmospheres. A re-trigger option makes it possible to employ the circuit as a complex LFO. Results can be tapped off a normal and an inverted output. Despite all this additions, behavior and curve shapes of the DH-ADSR resemble the Minimoog a lot. – An expressively playable, very musical envelope.



The DH-ADSR comes equipped with potentiometers for adjusting its attack, decay, sustain and release stages. Complementary, a delay section can be activated via a switch. It features a potentiometer for editing as well. Furthermore, the switch adds a Hold stage, which allows the user to set the length of the sustain section independently from incoming gate signals. In result, with this option active, the envelope behaves a lot like the EMS Trapezoid Generator.

While in normal operation, the DH-ADSR’s time-sensitive parameters can be set to values of up to ten seconds. For creating longer sweeps, the module offers a slow option, which switches the envelope down to 1/5th of its regular speed. Using the re-trigger function, it is possible to transform the module into a LFO.

The DH-ADSR possesses a normal and an inverted output. The latter can emit, depending on the corresponding jumper’s position on the circuit board, a signal mirrored at the 0 Volt axis (0 V to -8 V) or a biased version, which is shifted in level (0 V to +8 V).


Gate input
Normal and inverted output


3 U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 26 mm deep
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V and 12 mA at -12 V

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