AJH Synth - FFB914 Fixed Filter Bank - BLACK


The Fixed Filter Bank 914 from AJH Synth is based on the sought after 914 Fixed Filter Bank from the 1960’s Moog 900 series modular synthesiser system. The design was revisited and adapted for eurorack.



The Fixed Filter Bank 914 features twelve fixed frequency, inductor based bandpass filters, from 125 Hz to 5,8 kHz. Additionally it provides low pass and high pass shelf filters. The bands are split to left and right channels.

The inbuilt voltage controlled crossfader allows panning between left and right banks, with a mix of all bands available in the central position. Furthermore there is another crossfader which enables blending between the incoming signal at input 1 or 2 and the wet mix output.

The biggest addition to the original design is the feedback control.

Two audio inputs
L, R, MIX and ALL audio outputs
Two CV inputs
3U Eurorack module, 30HP wide, 26mm deep
Current draw: 180 mA at +12V and 170 mA at -12V
0.25 kg
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