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The sound is patched, but there’s still some refinement missing? – AJH’s Finaliser R-EQ can help out! The module features an analog four-band equalizer, a maximizer / exciter and a digital vintage reverb. The latter comes equipped with seven algorithms, which can be used to add some atmosphere to sounds or drown them in a dense sea of reverberation. Equalizer and exciter are well suited to highlight the character traits of sounds. Alternatively, the circuits can be misused as charming, frequency-dependent distortion effects.



The Finaliser R-EQ offers a left and a right input. However, the equalizer and exciter are mono circuits located in the left channel. The stereo design was chosen to make the best use of the reverb effect. The analog stages can be deactivated via switches. Therefore, you don't have to set all EQ and exciter potentiometers to zero in order to achieve even stereo results. The reverb processor is able to process mono signals as well, of course. Results are emitted via two outputs (L / R).


The four-band equalizer has a smooth, but nonetheless precise sound. Levels can be increased or decreased by 15 dB each.

  • The Low band is usable as a bell or shelving filter. It offers frequency and level potentiometers. (Frequency range: 25 Hz to 110 Hz)
  • The Lo Mid band is a bell filter with frequency and level potentiometers. (Frequency range: 110 Hz to 700 Hz)
  • The Hi Mid band is a bell filter with frequency and level potentiometers. (Frequency range: 500 Hz to 2000 Hz)
  • The High band is a shelving filter with level potentiometer and two-way frequency switch. (2 kHz or 5 kHz)

Maximizer / exciter:

The maximizer gives high and / or low frequency range(s) more presence and power. Extreme settings of the corresponding potentiometers lead to roaring or screaming distortion, provided that the input level is loud enough to overload the circuits properly. – The equalizers can be misused in the same way, although the results are not as aggressive.


The reverb processor features seven algorithms. Its sound character varies depending on the program selected. Results can appear to be rather cold and thin or warm and dense. The mixture of dry and wet material may be adjusted via a potentiometer. Additionally, there is a CV input. In detail, the following algorithms are available:

  • Spring – Sounds soft and nice, but is not really reminiscent of a spring reverb.
  • Ambience – Perfect for adding some rather cold atmosphere to mixes.
  • Room – A classic room algorithm.
  • Large Hall – The standard for pad sounds.
  • Small Church – Another classic reverb program.
  • Large Church – Even the most lousy melodies become musical masterpieces using a substantial amount of this reverb.
  • Reverse – For the confused moments in life.

On top of that, there’s also a delay program with a fixed time value of 380 milliseconds.


Two audio inputs (L / R)
Two audio outputs (L / R)
CV input for reverb mix


3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 105 mA at +12 V and 55 mA at -12 V

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