AJH Synth - MiniMod Glide/Noise (black)


Version in vintage black design

In just 6HP two Minimoog circuits are integrated; the transistor noise with three timbres and the glide generator with it's unique characteristic.



The noise-generating transistors are hand selected and analyzed to ensure that the noise has the same timbre as in the Minimoog. furthermore the noise is filtered with other transistors in order to producre red and pink noise.

In the Minimoog the Glide had a very unconventional, slightly exponential characteristic and the gliding up was significantly faster than gliding down. This behaviour was faithfully recreated in the Glide + noise module. The circuitry was expanded by a mode switch that determines if it glides up only, down only or in both directions.
A specialty of the Mini was taken over: the glide does not work constantly but it's being activated only when a key is depressed. For this reason the module has a HOLD gate input which makes it possible to gate the glide activity, be it with a sequencer for 303-ish sildes or how ever you like. With the on/off switch the glide can be completely deactivated.


AJH Synth bring the earliest Minimoog Mk1 into Eurorack, carefully cloning the internal discrete transistor-based circuitry, using operating and CV voltages and even modifications were included.
Same sweet sound but without the disadvantages of the original like rarity, high price, S-Trig and unstable VCOs.

Read more about the MiniMOD HERE.


noise outputs: red, white, pink
glide: HOLD gate input, CV input, CV output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 54mm deep
power consumption: 35mA @ +12V and 35mA @ -12V

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