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AJH’s V-Shape module consists of a wave shaper and a distortion circuit with folding stage. Both sections are voltage controllable. The shaper can be used, for instance, to transform a saw-tooth into a triangle or ramp waveform. Both asymmetrical and symmetrical signals may be processed. Original and shaped material can be offset from each other. The results are reminiscent of pulse width modulations, but with other waveforms. The distortion circuit features soft and hard clipping as well as a switchable folding stage. – Very crisp!



The V-Shape module is composed of a wave shaper and a distortion circuit. Thanks to separate inputs and outputs, both processors can be used independently. Shaper output and distortion input are normalized. Thus, combining both sections is possible with minimal patching effort.

The wave shaper allows you to deform symmetrical as well as asymmetrical waveforms. For controlling the circuit, there is a potentiometer and a CV input. An offset potentiometer makes it possible to alter the phase of the processed signal.

The distortion circuit comes equipped with a switch for choosing between soft and hard clipping. A second control element of the same type can be used to (de)activate a wave folder.  The distortion degree is adjustable via a potentiometer. In addition, a CV input with bi-polar attenuator was implemented. Control voltages are added to the value set via the potentiometer. Thus, by using both the control element and the CV input, it is possible to create significantly more fierce results than with just the knob turned fully clockwise.


Audio input and output for wave shaper
Audio input and output for distortion
CV inputs for shaper and distortion


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 26 mm in depth
Power consumption: 75 mA at +12 V and 45 mA at -12 V

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