ALM Busy Circuits - Beast´s Chalkboard


Dual octave switcher and voltage generator. For instance you can use this module to add a octave switch to a VCO that lacks one. On the other hand it can be used to transpose sequences by octaves or even as a buffered multiple.



The Devil´s Chalkboard consists of two identical units used for transposing octaves by rotary switches. It can work by itself as a fixed voltage generator but you can also process external CVs which will then be transposed. The input voltage is simultaneously availa at a Thru socket for further use. The output voltage is available at two buffered outputs.

The rotary switch allows for a transposition one or two octaves up or down, i.e. a total range of five octaves. The upper input is normalized to the bottom input, for that reasion you can use module even as a buffered 1-6 multiples or as a dual 1-3 multiple.

When cascading both units you can transpose a signal up to 9 octaves.


per sub-unit: one input, one thru, two outputs


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 22mm deep.

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