ALM Busy Circuits - Dinky''s Taiko


Dinky's Taiko is a rather experimental digital drum voice with a 12Bit resolution being processed by an fully analog EQ. The entirely voltage controllable sound source is a digital noise generator combined with a wavetable oscillator. Trigger inputs for accent and a choke function allow for rhythmical processing of the signal.



The digital noise has voltage controlled parameters for the spectrum (= frequency) and the exponential envelope's release time.
The wave table oscillator gives you five parameters: Start- and End-Frequency determine at which pitch the oscillator starts when triggered and to which frequency it sweeps. "Speed" determines how fast the sweep is. "Release" sets the release time of the exponential envelope. "Wave" selects one of the 24 waveforms, starting with a damp sine proceeding to more harmonic waves, over squares and sawtooths to noise and vocal material.

"Mix" blends between the noise generator and the wavetable oscillator, the analog EQ filter emphasises either the low or high frequencies of the final mix.
Attention! The Dinky's level can get pretty hot ,up to +/-10V

The trigger inputs either accent the sound or cut it off abruptly (choke).

The voltages at the CV inputs are read out only when the module is receiving a trigger and remain static until the next trigger impulse.


CV inputs:
Noise: Spectrum and Release
Oscillator: Start Frequency, End Frequency, Speed, Release, Wave

Trigger inputs: Trigger, Accent, Choke

Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 32mm deep
power consumption: ~80mA

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