ALM Busy Circuits - D.S.G


The D.S.G module is a triple passive DIN Sync adapter and distributor module. It splits the DIN Sync signal into a start/stop signal and a clock available at two 3.5mm sockets. It works vice versa as well!



The module allows for easy integrating of DIN Sync based machiens like older Roland gear (606, 808, 202, 303) to the eurorack system. Not only will it work with ALM's own Pamela's Workout but also with TipTop'sTrigger Riot and Expert Sleepers modules. You might as well use the module to output clock and start/signals that are generated in the modular as DIN Sync signals and thus to sync DIN Sync gear to your Eurorack.
Each socket is normalized to the according socket above so you can use it to distribute clock to up to three external units.


per unit: one 5-pin DIN socket, one 3.5mm clock socket and one 3.5mm start/stop socket


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 25mm deep. Passive module = no current draw.

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