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The MCO from ALM Busy Circuits is a very compact digital oscillator with a resolution of 16Bit/48kHz. The frequency range offers up to ten octaves, from 12Hz to 14kHz. Inspired from the 90s (Ensoniq, Kawai KX synths) it provides slightly crunchy digital sounds. The MCO features three outputs, including a morphing wavetable and a sub output. All parameters can be voltage controlled. Thanks to the hard sync input it can synchronise to another oscillator.



The MCO is a digital oscillator capable to produce complex waveforms. It has a resolution of 16Bit/48kHz with AKM codec which garantees clean sound.

The base frequency is set with the big potentiometer in a range of six octaves, and can be fine tuned thanks to the small knob. The V/oct input follows the 1 volt per octave standard to play the oscillator from a sequencer or a keyboard. 

The main audio output is a morphing wavetable output. Thanks to the Wave potentiometer it is possible to blend between ten different waveforms: Noise, triangle, saw, sine, bell, organ, ¼ oct‘, organ, voice, pulse. It can be voltage controlled using the Wave-CV input.

The pulse output is the same as the main output but with pulse width segments superimposed on to it. The width is determined manually by the PWM knob, or via votlage control.

The sub output is a square wave an octave lower than the main output.

Thanks to the Hard Sync input, you can synchronise the MCO to another oscillator. It will reset the phase of the waveform, when a rising edge is present at the input.

Three audio outputs
Three voltage control inputs
1 volt per octave input
Hard Sync-Eingang
3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 32 mm in depth
Power consumption: 40 mA at +12 V and 15 mA at -12 V
0.15 kg
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