ALM Busy Circuits - O/A/x2


An useful, small dual module featuring a bipolar attenuator and an offset generator per channel. Use it for editing CVs like changing phase, level and DC offset or for attenuating and mixing audio signals.



Each channel has identical functions:
The input signal's phase and level can be adjusted with the attenuverter, from amplification factor X-1 to X+1. Afterwards you can add a an offset voltage to the signal which ranges from -8V to +8V. LEDs indicate level and polarity of the signal (red = positive, green = negative)

If you set the jumper to MIX position the output of the upper channel will be mixed with the bottom channel's output.


per sub-unit: input, output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 32mm deep
power consumption: ~50mA

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