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Multichannel clock source, rhythm generator and LFO - Pamela’s New Workout features eight outputs, which can emit clock signals as well as shapeable waveforms. By combining several channels, it is possible to create snappy beats. Humanize and swing parameters provide the right groove for every occasion. Lots of functions can be modulated. Thanks to the module’s rewritten software and a new OLED display, handling the unit is as easy as with the predecessor. – Even though the functional range grew considerably.



Pamela’s New Workout comes equipped with a built-in clock generator, which works at tempo rates between 10 BPM and 300 BPM. Alternatively to its internal source, the module can be synchronized to an external clock at 1 PPQ to 48 PPQ. For prompting start and stop commands, there is a button as well as a trigger input. Furthermore, the circuit offers two CV connectors, which can evaluate control voltages within the range of 0 V to +5 V and -5 V to +5 V. The inputs are able to influence a multitude of parameters.

The eight outputs of Pamela’s New Workout work related to the master clock. They can generate pulse signals based on divisors and multipliers. In detail, the user is able to set values from 1/512 to x48, including various non integer factors. The pulse width can be edited in 1/96 steps. Alternatively to clock signals, the outputs emit triangle, sine, envelope or random waveforms. They can be leveled and shaped. Therefore, for instance, it is possible to transform the triangle into a saw wave. Phase and delay parameters allow the user to perform variations that are reminiscent of Swing and Humanize options. Furthermore, there are Euclidean and random functions to make the module skip the one or the other step. Configurations can be saved. Compared to the predecessor, Pamela’s New Workout offers improved clock stability.

Pamela’s New Workout can be expanded with the modules Pexp-1 and Pexp-2. The circuits add MIDI, DIN-Sync and other outputs.

Clock and Run inputs
Two CV inputs (CV1: 0 V to +5 V / CV2: -5 V to +5 V)
Eight clock respectively waveform outputs


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 32 mm deep.
Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and 0,5 mA at -12 V

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