ALM Busy Circuits - PE-1


The PE-1 is a dual band parametric equalizer inspired by the EQs in early Tascam Portastudios. It has two inputs one of which has attenuation so it can also be used as a simple mixer. Sounds good and had s a variety of uses, be it for warming up digital sounds, for live performances or for tweaking feedback loops.



The module has two parametric bands, each with a ±12dB boost/cut control and a sweepable frequency. The upper EQ's frequency range is 1kHz to 8kHz, the bottom equalizer goes from 62Hz to 1-5kHz.

There are two AC-coupled audio inputs, allowing to use the module as a two-channel mixer with sound processing. Upper input is equipped with a level control.

The PE-1 is entirely manual and features no voltage control.


two audio inputs, one audio output


3U Eurorack module, 5HP wide, 32mm deep
current draw: 10mA each for +12V and -12V

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