ALM Busy Circuits - Pip Slope


Super-compact yet powerful and snappy envelope generator featuring voltage control of time paramters, loop function, and alternative curve characteristics. More or less half of a function generator for low buck.



The Pip Slope has both a trigger input for generating Attack-Decay envelopes as well as a gate input for Attack-Sustain-Release envelopes. The envelope level is 0-5 and a red LED displays the current level.

The times for Attack and Decay are in the range of 1ms to approx. 100s the paramters can be voltage controleld with CVs from 0 to 5V - when inserting a cable each control changes it's function to an CV attenautor and is not available for time offset control!

With the loop button it is possible to activate an automatic repetition of the Attack-Decay cycle in order to use the module as a LFO. Press the button for three seconds to alternate between exponential and linear curve slopes. Both button settings are non-volatile and will be memorized when powering down.


Trigger input, gate input, envelope output
CV inputs for attack time and decay time


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 32mm deep
power consumption: ~50mA

0.049 kg
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