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The Quaid Megaslope is a highly flexible five stage function generator. It can operate in three different modes: as a multistage complex envelope, inspired by the Juno and Casio CZ series, as an LFO (loop mode) or as a step sequencer (step mode) with per step programmable slides. There are two outputs, unipolar and bipolar, for perfect integration into your patch! Furthermore each stage features manual and voltage control of level and time.



The Quaid Megaslope is a complex function generator with five stages.

The Level faders determine the final output voltage for a stage. The Slope and Time potentiometers control the shape, from a logarithmic to linear to exponential, and the amount of time for the transition from one stage to another, in a range between 1ms to 3 minutes. Level and Time can be voltage controlled separately for each stage. The Set button allows for selecting how many stages are active -It is visualized thanks to the green LEDs.  

The Megaslope can operate in three modes, selectable with the Mode button:

  • ENV: Multistage complex envelope
  • LOOP: Flexible LFO
  • STEP: Five step sequencer

In Envelope mode, the module will output a classic five-stage envelope with the set rate (time), slope and end level for each stage.

In Loop mode, the module will automatically cycle across the number of set stages moving between levels at the requested rate. The final stage will hand over to the initial one, creating an LFO.

In Step mode, the Megaslope will behave like a sequencer and move to the next stage with each new trigger or gate, cycling back to the first stage when the set number of stages is reached.

The module provides a unipolar (0-8V) and a bipolar (+/- 5V) output which allows to modulate different types of modules: filters, waveshapers, oscillators, etc.

In addition, the trigger outputs End of Cycle (EOC) and End of Stage (EOS) allow further modules to be triggered by the Megaslope.

Trigger Input
Gate Input
Bipolar output
Unipolar output
Five Level CV inputs
Five Time CV inputs
End of Stage output
End of Cycle output
3U Eurorack module, 19 HP wide, 32 mm in depth
Power consumption: 70 mA at +12 V and 35 mA at -12 V
0.2 kg
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