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S.B.G alias "Stompbox Gateway" is, as the name already indicates, a compact module for interfacing external effects with your Eurroack system.It provides both attenuation and amplification of audio signals for level matching together with a crossfade control to conveniently adjust the wet/dry mix of a processed signal. The module also offers regulation of outgoing CV signals for safer use of pedal expression inputs.



The module features attenuation of outgoing signals for adjusting modular signals to FX levels, and also amplification of signals from the FX (3dB-34dB). A LED indicates clipping and a crossfader controls the dry/wet-mix.
An input for expression pedals is available, together with two outputs that provide max. 3V or 5V. A "floating ring" cable for safe use of expression pedals is included.


Adaptor cables from 3.5mm to 1/8" can be found here.


send: input and output
return: input and output
expression pedal input, 3V output, 5V output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 22mm deep.
power consumption: ca. 30mA

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