ALM Busy Circuits - Tangle Quartet


The Tangle Quartet contains four high-quality linear, bleed-free VCAs with low distortion and low noise.
Besides that the module has a mix function for those channels whose individual outputs are not in use, becoming a voltage controlled mixer.



The four linear VCAs are built around THAT 2164 VCA-ICs which show low distortion and noise and are free of bleed-thru. The four channels are DC coupled and are suitable for processing both audio and CVs.
A +5V voltage is normalized to the CV inputs i.e. without a patch cord in the CV input you can use the attenautor as an offset control.

Each VCA whose individual output is not in use, will be mixed internally and is available at the mix out. Use the VCA offset potentiometer to make a manual mix.


per VCA: input, output, CV input
Mix output.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 32mm deep
power consumption: ~80mA

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