ALM Busy Circuits - Boss Bow Tie


Eight-way, bi-directional voltage controlled switch. It switches either one input to eight outputs or vice versa. Consider it a as the core of an A-152 but with added gating function for turning the switching process on and off.



The Boss Bow Tie can route a signal at it's input to one of the eight inputs. Because of it's bi-directionality this works vice versa too: switching one of eight inputs to one output. The offset value and a control voltage (adjusted with an attenuverter) determine which of the eight sockets is selected. The active one is displayed with a green LED.
A gate at the according socket allows for enabling and disabling the switching process. This is pretty interesting when this is controlled by a clock signal.
The module is intended for the use with CVs but audi can be switched as well, although a clicking will be audible.


1 gate input. 1 in/out, switchable to eight out/in's


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 32mm deep
Current draw: ~50mA

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