Alyseum ALeX


The AleX from Alyseum is a MIDI-to-CopperLan interface for retrofitting your MIDI devices with a CopperLan connector. It is designed to integrate your MIDI gear into the CopperLan network. It uses the Ethernet network to transport MIDI flows between any CopperLan compliant hardware or software applications in computers.



Miniaturized PCB to retrofit any MIDI equipment to CopperLan.

Useable in two configurations. For a machine with 1 MIDI-In and 1 MIDI-Out or for an unit with 1 MIDI-In and 2 MIDI-Out.

The ALeX bases on 100 Base-T Ethernet technology and works with a powerful 32Bit processor offering 120 DMIPS.


The contacts of the board have to be soldered to the optocouplers of the MIDI stream and the case of your MIDI device has to be drilled in order to install the faceplate of the ALeX. For that reason soldering skills and some knowledge about electro technics is necessary as well as the necessary tools and skills to drill / saw into the case. If you are not one of the DIY guys, better bring the unit to a serviceman or a technician.


CopperLan connector (Ethernet socket) on the faceplate. On the PCB there are connectors with six pins which need to be soldered fo the MIDI circuitry of your device.

  • face plate: 23 x 36mm
  • PCB: 53mm deep
  • power supply (from the MIDI device): 5-18V DC regulaled or non regulated
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