Alyseum MS-812 (Eurorack)


The MS-812 by Alyseum is an Eurorack module which creates the gateway between your CopperLan network and your Eurorack modular system.

The high number of CV and digital outputs gives you a very powerful MIDI-to-CV/Gate interface which can also carry clock outputs or can work as a MIDI-to-Sync24 converter. The module can be controlled by several computers in your network simultaneously.



The MS-812 works with 100Base-T networking technology and has a LAN socket as input, as all CopperLan devices do.
In the MIDI mode the MS-812 is 100% compliant to MIDI when used in the CopperLan network.
The unit offers 8 CV outputs and 12 digital outputs with free assignment of MIDI channels and controller. The CV outputs offer the full MIDI resolution (128 notes = full 0-10V).

Each CV Out can be used as note, setting or modulation source. Each DIG Out can be assigned as a Gate, Clock, Reset, status, control, simultaneous multiple clock outputs with different clock divider ratios or even as a MIDI-to-DIN Sync converter. For this use there will be an optional, color coded "5pin DIN to 3x 3.5mm jack" adaptor cable.

The unit is delivered with 32 presets. It offers 4 factory ROM memory slots and 32 customer RAM slots for saving your own presets. The firmware can be upgraded via the network.

In CopperLan mode there are additional features:

  • full CopperLan pitch range: from -10V to 10V
  • octal 16bit high-resolution converter for CVs
  • each CV output can output a note, a setting or a modulation
  • each DIG output can act as a gate, clock, reset, switching command etc.
  • Voice-ID management

The CopperLan technology allows for sending and receiving MIDI data thru common ethernet network cables. The extremely flexible routing of the different MIDI devices is done by the free CopperLan-Manager software.

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input: ethernet socket (LAN socket)
outputs: 8x analog outputs for CVs and 12 x digital outputs


3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 40mm deep
current draw +80mA/-10mA

0.5 kg
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