Analogue Solutions - BD88


Not in production anymore.

The bass drum voice circuitry from theTR-808 in an Eurorack module. Unlike the original you can tune the bassdrum; the attack generated by theTone control is somewhat stronger and in general the module has a slightly own sound.



Although the BD88 comes pretty close to the 808´s punch it still has an own flavour. The module has a Tune parameter that allows you to reach almost the frequency of the Low and Mid-Toms. The Tone control generates a specific attack sound when turned clockwise that is slightly stronger than the original´s (although we all know that each and every TR-808 sounds different). The ACC input makes it possbile to accentuate the drum by a CV and even to be played dynamically to a certain extent. Very practical is the 1/4" TS socket as you can connect the module directly to your console. A LED display when the module is triggered.


Accent input, trigger input

outputs: 3,5mm and 6,35mm-sockets, adjustable level


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide. Current draw: 10 mA@+12V and 10 mA@-12V

1 kg
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