Analogue Solutions CB88 - TR808 Cowbell


Not in production anymore.

Drum voice module with the circuitry of the TR-808 cowbell, with expanded parameters like e.g. two separate tune controls for both tone generators


Two tune controls with a range of approx. four octaves. Decay control. Separate trigger- and accent inputs. Output over big an small jack and a seperate volume control. Playable quite interesting also for non 808 nerds, if you really turn the knobs for the tune, unfortunately they are not cv-controlled.

12V, 5mA

Accent-Eingang, Triggereingang. Zwei Audioausgänge (1x 6,35mm und 1x 3,5mm)


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 10TE breit, 43mm tief. Stromverbrauch 10mA

1 kg
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This item is discontinued or sold out and no longer available, please feel free to look for comparable new stuff in the following categories.


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