Analogue Solutions Eurokorn


Eurorack version of the Analogue Solutions Oberkorn³ analog sequencer. If has three tracks of CVs ,two gate tracks and interesting binary step address fuctions. Besides this the module features a voltage controlled clock generator, reset buttons, a transpose input per CV row and also slide at row A and B. Pure sequencer power on 84HP width.



The sequencer has three track for CVs (A, B and C) eacht with 16 steps that run simultaneously to one common clock. The voltage range for each track can be set with the Level controls, maximum 10V are possible. A glide fuction is available for A and B. Transposing the sequences are done via three transpose CV inputs.
Per step you can set a gate at output X or at output Y, both at the same time or no gate. The gate output voltage is 0/10V.
A binary code at the inputs b0 to b3 can address the single steps of the sequencer. Gating inputs X and Y at the right hand side work with Boolean AND logic: a gate will be played only when another gate or clock signal is present at the corresponding gating input. this is great for creating living sequences. in LEG switch position you can generate tied gates (legato). With the "+1 step" button you can proceed manually to the next step which is good for tuning whan the sequencers isn't running.

The Eurokorn can be synchronized to an external clock but it also has an internal, voltage controlled clock generator with a frequency of 1Hz to 30Hz.
There are varoius reset functions: you can reset it manually to step 16 or to step 1 by hitting a button. A signla at the reset socket will reset the sequencer to step one.


The module requires a +5V voltage to operate. The Doepfer 5V adaptor is strong enough.


sequencer CV outputs A, B and C. Transpose inputs A, B and C, Gate outputs X and Y
Clock In, Clock Out, CV input for clock rate; binary step address inputs b0 to b3.
Reset-to-1 input, Boolean gating inputs for gate rows X and Y


3U Eurorack module, 84HP wide, prety deep on the right hand side.
Current draw: 50mA@ +5V, 30mA @ +12V and 15mA @ -12V. Eurokorn requires an additional +5V voltage source.

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