Analogue Solutions EUROPA


The Europa is a hardware steps sequencer with 16 steps. It can be used for programming melody and drum patterns and outputs besides MIDI analog triggers as well.



SYNC: can be synched to MIDI or to one of two external analog clock signals.

Each pattern is exactly one bar long and offers 17 melody tracks and one drum track. The drum track can trigger up to 12 drum instruments and is output on MIDI channel 10.

MIDI informations:

  • note: Note on/off, velocity, Note hold, Legato, transmit channel.
  • drum: Note on/off, accent high/low, flam.

shuffle in 12 ranges from 50% (off) to 97.5% is possible too.

Analog trigger outs allow for interfacing with old drum synths.

non-volatile memory

  • pattern memory: 5 banks at 16 patterns (total: 80 patterns).
  • Songspeicher: 16 songs at 16 patterns (each bar can be looped up to 12 times)
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru
  • sieben Triggerausgänge
  • externe Clockeingänge 1 and 2, Clockausgang (Puls des internen Clockgenerators. Läuft auch wenn der Sequenzer steht; kann man als Rechteck-LFO nutzen). 16tel-Puls Ausgang (nur aktiv, wenn Sequenzer läuft)
  • Eingang für externes Netzteil 12V DC, 1A. Polung: innen positiv, außen negativ

Desktop-Metallgehäuse. Abmessungen: 95 x 80 x 365mm (TxHxB), Gewicht 1,8kg

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