Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S


The Leipzig-S is the improved version of Analogue Solutions´ Leipzig synthesizer. Besides the flat housing which makes it possible to use the unit on a desk, Analogue Solutions added a handy eight-step analog sequencer which can of course be synchronised to MIDI.



Two VCOs with integrated portamento, cross modulation and sync. In addition there´s a noise generator and two sub-oscillators. The signal passes a 24dB M00g lowpass filter.

Modulationwise there are an LFO, two envelopes, a MIDI controller and also an analog sequencer with eight steps for your disposal. The latter can be triggered in a planty of ways, be it vie the LFO, the 2nd VCO, the external input and of course the MIDI clock.

Two audio inputs allow for processing external audio the the filter.


zwei Audio-Eingänge, ein Audio-Ausgang.

MIDI: In und Thru

Eingang für externes 12V AC-Netzteil


19" 5HE-Gehäuse, kann entweder ins Rack geschraubt werden oder als Pultgerät verwendet werden.

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