Analogue Solutions - Leipzig SK


Keyboard version of the Leipzig-S synthesizer. The sound circuitry with 2 VCOs, one Moog filter, 2 ADSRs and a LFO remained unchanged but additionally there´s a 37-key keyboard with a LCD for editing keyboard parameters.



2VCOs with integrated portamento, cross modulation and sync. In addition we find a noise source and tw osub-oscillators. The second VCO can be disconnected from MIDI and can be used as a second free-running modulator.

The oscillator signal passes a classic 24dB Moog lowpass filter cascade; it´s cutoff frequency can be modulated in many ways.

Modulationwise there are an LFO, two envelopes, a MIDI controller and also an analog sequencer with eight steps for your disposal. The latter can be triggered in a planty of ways, be it vie the LFO, the 2nd VCO, the external input and of course the MIDI clock.

Two audio inputs allow for processing external audio thru the filter.

The velocity-sensitive, semi weighted keybard has 37 keys, a modulation wheel and a pitch bend wheel. Settings like pitch bend range, transposition and retrigger are adjusted via a LDC screen.


Zwei Audio-Eingänge, ein Audio-Ausgang. Kophörer-Ausgang (6,35mm). MIDI-In und MIDI-Thru. IEC (Kaltgeräte-)Eingang für internes Netzteil

[evtl. CV1, CV2 und Gate-Eingang; CV1, CV2 und Gate- Ausgang]


565mm x 405mm x 135mm (B x T x H)

1 kg
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