Analogue Solutions Oberkorn MK3


The Oberkorn³ is the recent model of the Oberkorn sequencer series, now in a nice metal housing and many features like internal Clock generator, transpose inputs, MIDI and glide.



The sequencer has three CV rows á 16 steps, running siumlaneously with the same clock. The voltage rang of each Cv row can be adjusted. Glide time can be set separately for rowa A and B. All three sequencer rows habe separate transpose sockets. Per step it´s possible to activate a gate for gate out X, gate out Y, both X Y (or no gate at all). By a binary code you can address each step of the sequencer using MIDI. Synchronisation to MIDI-Clock or an analog clock is possible of course but the Oberkorn³ has an integrated clock generator with cloc output socket. Reset to Step 1 or Step 16 is possible by pressing the according buttons. Another button makes the Oberkorn proceed to the next step.

External Clock in, Int. Clock out, 4x Mux Control, reset, Step 1 Pulse, 3x CV, 2x Gate

Schwarzes 19"-Rackgehäuse in 3 Höheneinheiten, 485mm (B, mit Rackohren) x 145 mm (T) x 134mm (H)

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