Analogue Solutions SH-NZ


A nice module by Analogue Solutions is the SH-NZ which stands for Sample and Hold  and Noise. And that´s exactly what´s inside.



Two independent circuits in one module:

  • analog noise generator with level control
  • Sample and Hold with Slew parameter

For classic S and H applications you need to patch the noice generator´s output to the S and H signal input. A trigger/gate/clock at the clock input forces to read-out the clock input.The clock input is passed to the clock output - consider it a "Clock Thru". The slew control sets the mount of slew too smoothen the stepped S and H output voltage.


Inputs: signal input, clock input
outputs: noise output, clock output


3U Eurorack module. 6HP wide, 51 mm deep
Current draw 20 mA@+12V and 20 mA@-12V

1 kg
Article Number
former retail price: €116.81

This item is discontinued or sold out and no longer available, please feel free to look for comparable new stuff in the following categories.


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