Analogue Solutions SQ-8


The SQ-8 is a one-track CV sequencer with 8 steps. As the SQ-8 is an independent sequencer you can run several of them, each with an other clock.



8 push/pull pots for the according steps. Pulling the pot will turn the gate off. Using the reset socket you can reset the sequencer to step 1 by a 5V gate signal. Range switch for the CV range of the Step CV controls (0-5V or 0-10V). Step button for stepping from step 1 to 8 when no clock is provided. Clock through for daisy chaining the sequencers for getting one clock. 8 step LEDs show the active step. Step 1 out creates a gate signal when step 1 is activated. The module needs an operating voltage of /- 12V and 5V and will also work in a Doepfer system (with 5V adapter).


Das Modul benötigt eine 5V-Spannung zum Betrieb


Inputs :Reset in, clock in; Outputs: CV Range (0-5V /10V), Gate, Step1 Out, Clock Through.


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 18TE breit. Tiefe unbekannt.

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