Analogue Solutions Telemark v2


Monophonic analog synthesizer with the layout of a Oberheim SEM. The Telemark is the semi-modular version of the SEMblance by Analogue Solutions. the new version Telemark v2 now has a ring modulator and a sub oscillator (divder circuit).


Entirely analog synthesizer from Analogue Solutions. Looks, features and sound resemble the good old Oberheim SEM module. It sounds great, warm, round, living and just beautiful. The Telemark is not to be seen as a pure SEM clone as the possibilities outrun the original. Besides the two VCOs with modulation and the classic 12dB SEM multimode filter you´ll find an additional LFO, noise genearote and extended modulation possibilities. Don' t forget: the Telemark´s filter can self-oscillate! the MIDI implementation is pretty rudeimentary and is limited to note commands and filter control via velocity or controller. A plethora of patch points make integration with a modular system an easy job.


VCA (Signal) Out, External In 1+2, Midi In & Thru
Connection for 15V AC Power Supply (supplied)


Height: 110mm, Width: 242mm, Depth: 275mm

1 kg
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former retail price: €1,000.00

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