Analogue Solutions Vostok


As a modular synthesizer with the 22x22 pin patch matrix and extraordinary features like 3VCOs, a 8 step sequencer and a joystick, the Vostok Deluxe is clearly a unique workstation. Vostok Deluxe features a bigger case, a spring reverb, sequencer with a step-repeat function, a third LFO and more sockets and attenuators.


The Vostok Deluxe featires a Midi to CV/Gate-converter, 3 VCOs (one with sub-oscillator), a VCA, an AC-coupled ring modulator, 2 ADSRs with repeat, 3 LFOs, a sample and hold circuit, CV/audio-mixer with VU-meter and a multiples. the eight-step-sequencer has a new step repeat function. The Accurtonics spring reverb has a thre-spring-tank for dense sound.
The Ms20 filters are separate low pass and high pass filters. The high pass filter can be used as a low pass as well, so you can obtain a 24dB lowpass by patching the filters in series.

The Vostok is not prepatched - all audio and CV connections have to be done manually by patchcords and/or the pin matrix.


Many 3.5mm patch sockets.

Mains inlet placed on the side - you can lay the synth on it´s backpanel.


Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 190 mm (WxHxD)

6.0 kg
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