Analogue Systems - Apprentice cabinet


Cabinet made from precious walnut wood, intended for mounting 3U modules by Analogue Systems. It offers one row of168HP module space, a strong power supply as well as a power distribution.



The apprentice cabinet is a neat 3U desk housing for Analogue Systems Eurorack modules. It is made of walnut and was built skillfully by an English boatbuilder.
You get one slightly angled row of 168 HP width. The cabinet can easily be placed behind a Demon- or French Connection-Keyboard as an extension to these.
The strong power supply of the cabinet offers enough electricity for the power-hungry AS-modules. Additionally it also offers +5V voltage for modules with digital circuits.
The power supply can be switched from 115V to 230V via a switch on the back of the case. In general, it is very clean and professionally designed.

The power distribution on the power supply board offers not only fifteen connectors for Analogue Systems modules but also eight connectors for Eurorack modules.


All systems by Analogue Systems come readily configured and ready-to-operate with a 5 year warranty as long as they are not opened or modified.
For safety reasons we are only allowed to deliver cabinets closed by modules or blind panels.

Generally Analogue Systems cabinets are available on short term. Please get in touch with us and we will gather info from the distributor.


IEC mains connector (switchable between 110V and 230V)


890 x 217 x 215 mm (W x H x D)

8.0 kg
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