Analogue Systems to Doepfer adaptor cable (double)


Adaptor cable for connecting an Analogue Systems module to an Eurorack busboard. If the power cable on your ASys module connects two circuit boards, then you found the right cable here. This is the correct cable for the modules RS35, RS95, RS95e and RS-230.


Primarily the cable is needed for the RS-95e VCO.


Analogue Systems' modules are designed solely for use in cases and cabinets made by Analogue Systems. Through the use of adaptors or adaptor cables, however, it is possible to connect them to Eurorack cases.
Should you chose to use an Analogue Systems module in an Eurorack case, please note that the warranties are thus void and the use occurs at your own risk! If the module is plugged in incorrectly and therefore damaged the customer has to bear any costs for repair and shipping!


An AnalogueSystems power connector on the one side and a sixteen-pin header matching Eurorack busboards on the other side.


length approximately 30cm (12")

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