Analogue Systems RS-160 CV Mixer (Dual Bus)


The RS-160 is a 4-channel mixer with independent, linear response Level controls for each input, and an overall Level control for the output. Designed primarily for use with control voltages, you can use it for all analogue CVs and audio signals (mixing the two if desired) and you can invert the polarity of the output. These features allow you to create complex controllers for special effects, and are particularly useful for creating audio effects. A mixer in established Analogue Systems quality!



Each of the inputs accepts an audio signal or CV with maximum amplitude ±10v. 

Each of the associated Level controls ranges from a total attenuation of the signal to an attenuation of 0dB (unity gain).

With the master Level control turned fully clockwise, the mixed signal will be output without further attenuation. As you turn the knob anticlockwise, the mixed signal will be attenuated until, with the knob in the 12 o'clock position, no signal is passed. As you continue to turn the Level knob anticlockwise, an attenuated inverted signal will be output.


The Dual Bus version of the RS-160 features two power connectors, meaning it can be directly connected to either an Analog Systems or a Doepfer modular system. – Adapters are no longer necessary.

Because of the different position of the mounting holes there will be a gap of 0.5HP (= 2.5 mm) when mounting an Analogue Systems module next to a Eurorack module. Take this into consideration when planning your system. Gaps can be covered with 1.5HP wide blank panels by Doepfer.


Four signal inputs, one signal output


3U Analogue Systems module, 12HP wide, 39mm deep
5mA power consumption

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