Analogue Systems RS-50 Trigger Generator


The RS-50 contains three cicuits in one module: trigger generator, pulse shaper and an offset generator called shifter.



The Trigger Generator creates trigger signals depending on voltage changes of the input signal. If the voltage at the input changes by +10mV in short time then a +10V trigger will be generated. Besides that a trigger will be made when the direction of the signal gos either positive or negative; this way you can double pulses. The input accepts voltages up to +10V. Each trigger will be displayed with a LED.

The Shaper converts a fast signal with a rising edge (like a trigger) into a gate signal. Its length can be controlled with the Shape control and a CV. It reacts to triggers with an amplitude from +2V to +20V and generates pulses with a +10V amplitude.

The third section is the Shifter, an offset generator. It creates a constant offset voltage between -10V and +10V. If a signal is applied to the "V IN" jack then the offset voltage is added to the signal and shifted a certain voltage. upwards or downwards.


Usage with Eurorack:
Analogue Systems' modules are designed solely for use in cases and cabinets made by Analogue Systems. Through the use of adaptors or adaptor cables, however, it is possible to connect them to Eurorack cases.
Should you chose to use an Analogue Systems module in an Eurorack case, please note that the warranties are thus void and the use occurs at your own risk! If the module is plugged in incorrectly and therefore damaged the customer has to bear any costs for repair and shipping!

Because of the different position of the mounting holes there will be a gap of 0.5HP (= 2.5 mm) when mounting an Analogue Systems module next to a Eurorack module. Take this into consideration when planning your system. Gaps can be covered with 1.5HP wide blank panels by Doepfer.


Trigger: input and output
Shaper: CV input, pulse input, pulse output
Shifter: input, output


3U module in Analogue Systems form factor, 12HP wide, 65mm deep
power consumption 40mA

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