Analogue Systems RS-85 Extended VC-LFO


The Analogue systems RS-85 module is a voltage controlled LFO with four wave form outputs, reset and a very wide frequency range, up to audio frequencies so you can use the module as an auxilliary oscillator.
Thanks to a new dual-bus concept, this circuit is fully compatible to Doepfer’s Eurorack standard.



The LFO frequency is set with a potentiometer and/or a control voltage and is visualized by a LED. Three freqeuncy ranges are selectable:

  • very low: 0,005Hz - 1Hz
  • low: 0.02Hz - 5Hz
  • high: 3Hz - 1.4.kHz

four wave form outputs:

  • sine (±5V)
  • triangle (mit Pegelregler, ±5V)
  • square (mit Pegelregler, ±5V)
  • sawtootch (Bi-directional level control with center detent. Counterclockwise you set the level of a rising sawtooth, clockwise the level of the falling sawtooth)

The RS-85 has a reset socket for restarting the LFO.


The Dual Bus version of the RS-85 features two power connectors, meaning it can be directly connected to either an Analog Systems or a Doepfer modular system. – Adapters are no longer necessary.

Because of the different position of the mounting holes there will be a gap of 0.5HP (= 2.5 mm) when mounting an Analogue Systems module next to a Eurorack module. Take this into consideration when planning your system. Gaps can be covered with 1.5HP wide blank panels by Doepfer.


inputs: linear frequency CV, reset input
outputs: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth


3U module in Analogue Systems form factor, 12HP wide, 67mm deep
25mA power consumption

0.156 kg
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