Analogue Systems RS-95N VCO


The RS95N is a British sounding VCO with wave shaper. It was based on the classic oscillators RS90 and RS95e, but has been improved in many ways. The module’s eye-catcher is, without a doubt, its ten-turn frequency potentiometer, which can be locked. – Perfect for delicate detuning. In use, The RS95N shines with rich and beefy sound reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s basslines.

Thanks to its dual bus concept and a front panel with wide mounting holes, the RS95N can be easily integrated in modular cases following either the Analog Systems or Doepfer standard.



The RS95N features audio outputs for sine, triangle and pulse waves. Thanks to its integrated wave shaper, the module can generate way more waveforms, though. The triangle, for example, is transformable into a ramp or saw-tooth. – This can happen either manually or via a control voltage. If the triangle output is not in use, it may serve as a modulation input for the sine wave’s symmetry. A similar concept can be found in classic EMS synthesizers. The pulse width is editable via a knob and a CV input as well. Furthermore, the RS95N is equipped with a soft sync input.

The ten-turn frequency potentiometer features three modes of operation. You can choose between them via a switch:

  • Std: Standard audio mode with a range of two octaves.
  • -2: Similar to the standard mode, but here, the oscillator’s pitch is two octaves lower.
  • Wide: The frequency range goes from 0.3 Hz to 17 kHz. Thus, this mode makes it possible to use the module as a VC LFO with wave shaping.

The RS95N is played via its 1v / oct input. In addition, a linear FM channel was implemented.


1v / oct input
FM input
PWM and Shape CV inputs
Sync input
Three audio outputs (sine, triangle, pulse)
Remember: The triangle output can serve as a modulation input for the sine wave's symmetry.


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 65 mm in depth
Power consumtion: 70 mA at +12 V

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