Analogue Systems - Sorceror


The Sorceror is the ideal solution for a keyboard-based medium-sized modular system as its beautiful walnut case houses both a 49-key keyboard as well as a cabinet for modules.
The keyboard in the bottom half features MIDI, CV plus elaborate keyboard and wheel controls, while the upper part is a cabinet with 168HP space for modules. Pretty much like a Demon keyboard with an Apprentice cabinet on top combined in one unit.



The keyboard part is the same like the Demon's, featuring switchable glide with adjustable portamento time, a transpose switch (-1 / 0 / +1 octave) and two trigger modes: single trigger or multi-trigger.

The Sorceror outputs CV signals at five parallel buffered sockets, additionally there a number of trigger and gate outputs. Analogue Systems even thought abut Switched-Trigger so you can use the keyboard with a Moog Modular!
Besides the analog signals the left hand side panel of the RS-330 Keyboard Controller there are outputs of the MIDI/CV converter: Velocity, Aftertouch, Modulation Wheel (controller 1), Expression (controller 11) and Effect 1 (controller 12).

CV input: the input signal (±5V) is scaled to 20% (±1V) and added to the keyboard, in different ways depending on the trigger mode. In single trigger mode it is added constantly, in multi trigger mode only when a key is depressed.
The CV is emitted via MIDI as a Pitch Bend information.

The RS-600 Performance Wheels are backlit modulation and pitch bend wheels made of clear acrylic. The modualtion wheel determines the modulation depth of the internal LFO

The 168 HP wide cabinet is eequipped with a strong power supply offering enough power even for the hungriest AS-modules. Additionally it also offers +5V voltage for modules with digital circuits.
The power supply can be switched from 115V to 230V via a switch on the back of the case. In general, it is very clean and professionally designed.

The power distribution on the power supply board offers not only fifteen connectors for Analogue Systems modules but also eight connectors for Eurorack modules.


On request the Sorceror can be equipped with the RS-220 Joystick instead of the Performance Wheels. The Joystick provides you with CVs for both the X and Y axis, at two sockets each. The joystick is sprung and goes back into the center when unused. This behaviour can be deactivated by removing the springs.


MIDI: In, Out, Thru
mains: IEC connector with voltage selector for 115V and 230V

RS-330 Keyboard Controller:
MIDI controller outputs: velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, expression, effect 1
keyboard: CV input, 5x CV outout, 2x gate output, 2x trigger output, S-trigger output

RS-600 Performance Wheels: external signal input, outputs for modulation wheel, pitch wheel and a mix of both wheels.
(optionally: RS-220 Joystick: two CV outputs for X-axis, two CV outputs for Y-axis)


900 x 400 x 220 mm (W x D x H)

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