Animal Factory Amplification - Pit Viper Pedal


Full-blooded distortion – Pit Viper is a solid state overdrive for hard-boiled musicians. The pedal can generate clean, beefy signal boosts. However, its true strength lies in aggressively screaming distortion with a tangible character. – This is not an effects pedal for wimps!



Although the Pit Viper has a raw look, it was built with much love for detail. The pedal comes equipped with the following control elements:

  • Toxicity: Gain potentiometer – Please turn up for heavy distortion.
  • Hiss: Tone knob – Turn clockwise to cut the treble.
  • Venom: Volume potentiometer
  • Fear: Three-stage soft clipping switch – Activates normal soft clipping or a more tube-like version with less treble.
  • Malice: Three-stage hard clipping switch – Activates beefy hard clipping or a spongier version with less treble.
  • Footswitch for (de)activating the effect.

One important note from the manual: Please keep the Viper away from cats! – If you don't have a cat in your studio, please adopt a four-legged friend!


Scratches on the surface are part of the Pit Viper’s design!
A 9V DC power supply is not included in delivery. You'll find a suitable wall wart here.


Audio input and output
2.1 mm barrel connector for 9V DC power supply (Polarity: Negative = center / Positive = ring; Power consumption: Approximately 30 mA)

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