AniModule - LogicOgic


Versatile and multi-functional logic module with four independent sections: buffer and logic inverter, two OR-gates, two AND gates and two interconnected FlipFlops. That's a nice selection of functions that are really useful in a clock-oriented setup for drums and sequences.



Buffer/Inverter: The incoming logic signal is refreshed and buffered before it's emitted at the right hand socket. Use the buffer when you want to split the signal multiple times in order to get a nice "loud" clock.
The logic inverter takes the input and inverts it's state: "low" becomes "high" and vice versa. Take it when you need an offbeat, for instance. The input's pulse width does affect the behavoiur and allows for syncopes and laid back groves. NOTE: this is a logic inverter, not a voltage inverter; You can't turn -5V into +5V!

AND gate: The output goes high only when both input signals are "high". With this circuit you can e.g. play a fast clock in the rhythm of a slow clock. Or use a manual gate in order to pass a logic signal only when you press the button. The AND is included twice in the LogicOgic.

OR gate: The outputs goes high as soon as one input (or all) goes high. If both inputs are low, the output will be low as well. Usually you will use an OR for mixing logic signals and generating new rhythms. The LogicOgic contains two OR gate circuits.

Flip-Flop: A clock at the input switches in an alternating manner between the Q output and the NON-output. This alone is a clock division by 2, whereat the NON-Q out is offset by one clock, compared to the Q out.
The first FlipFlop's Q out is normalized to the input of the second FlipFlop and allows for more interesting clock divisions etc.

The LogicOgic works well in audio frequencies and for that reason it's great for generating sub-octaves and harmonics from input signals.


Buffer/Inverter: input, buffered output, inverted output
per AND gate: A input, B input, output
per OR gate: A input, B input, output
per FlipFlop: input, Q output, NON-Q output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 36mm deep

0.15 kg
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